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How do you update from 1.85 to 3.0.4 in Ubuntu?

This is a very beginner question but how do you do that? I’ve been learning PsychoPy on a Windows desktop but now I need to use a laptop with Linux. I have very little experience with linux. PsychoPy keeps telling me that I need to update to 3.0.4. sudo apt-get upgrade didn’t do anything

Unfortunately the team that was building the apt-get install method for us doesn’t have time to support it any more so now you have to install PsychoPy using pip instead (and there are likely to be some bumps on that road too). I just got a new clean ubuntu machine to test things out on and will hopefully have some tips/docs soon

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I got PsychoPy3 running on the latest Mint Linux a couple weeks ago using the distributions Python 3 and things went pretty smoothly. I was using the latest psychopy master branch code from github and ran:

sudo python3 install

You may need to install some of the dependencies manually as well; I forget which exactly, they may have been specific to iohub. Try running some of the demos (remember to use python3 if running from a terminal) and see if you get any errors.