How to get other other options in the output

Hi everyone.
I 'am using the builder interface of PsychoPy2.4.2022. I would like to get the mean reaction times , and the standard deviation in the output file. How can I do that please .
Thank you for your time and consideration.

I just concatenate all of my raw data, convert it to .csv and then use pivot tables to do all that in one go. I want to be able to filter out incorrect responses or other data anomalies.

thank you Glen for your reply.

I haven’t understood sorry what shall I do.

It might be easier to calculate the mean and SD in whatever spreadsheet or stats package you use for analysis.

Thank you Watecarter.
so no need to have them in the output file Wake?
Please let me know what are the options that I must have in the output when running a reaction time experiment?

I have an ‘activity’ that is part of my course to teach students how to do this, I am happy to share. It may or may not be the most effective way, but my rationale is to also teach them some Excel skills as well as PsychoPy. It also helps show them why good naming conventions are important. I’m just waiting for my googledrive to sync but I will upload it soon

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Thank you Glen. waiting for your help.

Hopefully you can access from here.