Interpretation Output Reaction time task

hello everyone. I am looking for advice regarding the interpretation of a simple reaction time task data generated by psychopy builder experiment. In creating a simple reaction time task I wanted to investigate the reaction time change in different runs based on the different stimuli and conditions. Where and how can I find the required data? how / which output is to be interpreted? thank you very much for all hints!

Hello Christina,

usually PsychoPy save the data you collected locally in separate csv-files in a folder called data which sits within the experiment folder. The csv-files have column-headings which are quite self-explanatory. A good source to understand PsychoPy is:

Peirce, J. W., Hirst, R. J. & MacAskill, M. R. (2022). Building Experiments in PsychoPy. 2nd Edn London: Sage.

Best wishes Jens