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SOLVED - generating additional text output from conditions file


I’m just starting out with Psychopy. I’m sorry if this is obvious but I couldn’t find the answer elsewhere, so hopefully someone can solve this easily.

I have set up an experiment with a loop that reads from a ‘conditions’ .csv file, from the ‘trials properties’ menu (like Jon’s example on YouTube). Each row in my .csv file describes the components of a single trial type. In that file I have an extra column of information that is useful for further analysis; I’d like the information from this column to be output into the final long-wide data file. As this doesn’t reflect an event within the routine itself, is there any way to do this?

Thanks for helping.

running v1.85.4 on mac

I was expecting to specify this, but all columns are ported through from the conditions .csv file; it hadn’t worked initially (unsure why), but is now.

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