How to do: 2 Excel Files, 2 different Designs in 1 Single Loop

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

Win 10
PsychoPy version: 2023.2.3

What am I trying to achieve:

I want to create two separate designs in one loop. In the first design I want to command Psychopy to take the items from Document A; and for the second design I want it to take the items from Document B (so, two different documents in two different designs in one loop). However, all the items should be randomized altogether, which I have explained better below.

WHY: I am currently designing an acceptibility judgment task in Likert scale (1:7). I would like to scatter some comprehension + attention questions into my stimuli. They all need to show up in the same loop, all randomized: meaning, 3-4 test items, then 1 attention/comprehension questions, then again 3-4 test items, then again another attention/comprehension question… The attention/comprehension questions are in 2-forced choice style (Yes/No; A/B) and the test items are in Likert rating scale (1-7).

How can we achieve this?

Hi, based on your description of the task, I’ve created a minimal demo that should do what you’re trying to achieve.
randomise (42.8 KB)
Hope this helps.

Thank you so much. Let me see how I can adapt ours on it.

All right, this is not exactly what we wanted. Let me attach a modified/shortened set of files that we want to use, together with the psychopy file.

In the one that you provided, when one loop/list ends, the attention item loop begins. So one test_item file has to be completed for the attention items to pop up. It is not actually randomization that we wanted.

(see the zip attached) There are three test-item lists plus an additional list of practice items. The psychopy file contains all three lists+practice list (we then designate list numbers for the participants manually). Because each participant will only see one list, we need to randomize the attention items within the items in each list.

The integration though should be in each list separately, meaning, the participants of list 1 will see some test items from List 1 (which are already taken from two columns: context and target because it is a dialogue), and then they will see one attention item of 2-forced choice style, then some more test items and then another attention item… They shouldn’t be waiting to finish the entire list 1 before they see an attention item.

I hope I managed to make it clearer. Thank you so much.
(p.s.: when you run the experiment, choose 1, 2 or 3 for a list) (49.1 KB)