Randomizing Loops that contain multiple stimuli

Hi, this is my first time using PsychoPy. In my experiment I have three loops(anger,neutral,fear) . Within each loop, there are 2 different types of stimuli that are words and images. I want to randomize loops. For example: Anger1, Anger2 ,Fear1, Neutral1, Anger3 …

I read previous comments about this problem and I learned that I should have added an outerloop that contained confile and rowindex. Even though ı did exactly the same thing, it did not work because in a previous example there was only one type of stimulus within a loop. However,in this example, I have two different types of stimuli. What should I do?

I really need your help. Thanks.

It seems to me that you could most likely achieve this with a single loop and conditions file, set to run randomly. I think you should describe your intended design using terms like trials, stimuli, and conditions, rather than “loops”, as I’m not sure what that Builder-specific term maps to in terms of your experiment design.

Thank you for replying quickly.The forum allows me to send just two images. This is how my builder looks like.

did you figure this out ?