How to define a click or buttons to record 2 different times during the experiment?

I am new to Psychopy.
I am designing a multiple choice question (its stem and options on the same frame, let’s say) and I want to define a code or sth that when the participant is done with reading the stem, he/she clicks or pushes a button to record the reading of stem without changing the frame. Given that I have previously determined and defined the buttons as the correct answer to my question on the keyboard, is it possible to record two different time duration for each multiple choice question, ie one for reading stem and one for answering the question?

I wonder how I should do this?

I would be thankful if anyone could help.


Hi There,

Yes this is possible.

With a mouse button: add a new mouse component, set ‘force end routine’ to ‘never’ but save mouse state ‘on click’ this should save mouse.time (the time the mouse was clicked).

With keyboard presses: add a new keyboard component (one to log reading), uncheck the ‘force end routine’ option and list the keys the participant can click to log that they have finished reading.

Hope this helps,

thank you so much for your help.


Shadi Noroozi