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Creating a timer to measure multiple inputs in single routine

Hi all,

I asked for help with this experiment before, but there are additional features that I want to add which I haven’t been able to figure out. The experiment is to capture continuous word association data. The way the experiment works right now is that a participant sees a cue, they write the first thing that comes to their mind in response to that cue; they press return to store that answer, and then they continue to write answers for the same cue for 1 minute, pressing return each time they’ve completed a response. After 1 minute, there’s a 10 second ITI (wait period); then they get another cue.

The experiment works great, except that…

  1. I want to time each response. I want two measurements for each: first, I want to know the time that the first key was pressed, and then I want to know the time when the response was submitted (i.e. when return was pressed) - so if the response is “cat” I want the time that the “c” key was pressed and the time when “return” was pressed.
  2. I also want the timer to reset when return is pressed, and the process then to start anew (i.e. for the participant’s second, third etc. response, I also want the same two measures)
  3. I don’t want the participant to be sitting idly if they can’t think of more responses. So I want each press of the return key to start a ten-second countdown which ends the trial and moves to the ITI stage.

I’ve tried to implement this by creating a new timer called wordclock, and trying to set it up so that it moves to the next step of the experiment when it reaches 10 seconds, but it appears to be having no effect on the experiment. I’ve also had a go at getting the same timer to add data on an initial key press and then again on return, but again, I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Can anyone help?

2019 WA v3.psyexp (18.7 KB)



OS (e.g. Win10):
PsychoPy version (3.1.5):
**Standard Standalone? (y)

I made a couple of changes and if I understood everything correct it should work :wink:

(You probably have to change the path to the condition file and the name of the variable for the targetText Text)

2019 WA v3.psyexp (19.4 KB)

Thanks so much for your help - it works great now. Really appreciate your effort.