How to add multiple files to Gitlab repository at once

TL;DR: Is there a way to upload 500 images to my Gitlab repository all at once, or do I really have to upload them one-by-one?

I have around 500 images that I need for my online experiment. I’ve been using PsychoPy on my laptop to make the experiment and sync it to Pavlovia. I’ve been using 40 fake images while making the experiment, but now I’m at the point where I need to add the real images. While the folder that’s syncing to Pavlovia is on my laptop, the 500 images are on my lab’s desktop that I have to access remotely. I don’t have PsychoPy on my lab desktop because I would have to use my spotty remote desktop and because I have to go through a permission ordeal every time I want to download a new program on my desktop, which is a pain when PsychoPy makes updates often (I do appreciate the updates though <3). I don’t have the 500 images on my laptop, simply because I don’t have the memory. I set my repository so that requests can be merged from different users/computers and I thought it would be easy to make a new folder and drag+drop all of the images from my desktop to the repository folder. But it won’t let me do that… It seems like I can only add one file at a time. I feel like there has to be an easier way, right??

I know this is more of a Gitlab question, but any help is appreciated!

Hello Sal,

as you have noticed on gitlab yourself, this feature is not available (sal s · GitLab). I am not sure whether you found the proper tone to get somebody to solve your problem. Wouldn’t it be possible for you to put everything on an USB-stick (experiment, stimuli, aso.) and sync from there?

Best wishes Jens

Yeah, I stumbled upon that old thread while I was trying to do some more googling. It’s so strange to me that they were talking about adding this feature for four years and had the code/interface set up and ready to go, yet just never pulled the trigger :confused:

If I used a USB, I would still have to download them all onto my laptop to get them into my folder that syncs to Pavlovia. I’m going to try to see if I can somehow make space for all the images (although most of my laptop is filled with programs–it’s really not meant for working from home). Either that or I’ll just have to do it by hand. It’s a bummer, you do what you gotta do in the name of science! :laughing:

Hello sal,

well yes, you have to download the files. But using a remote computer downloading is just drag-and-drop. Putting everything on an usb is also just drag-and-drop. In any case, whether you are using the hard-drive or an usb-stick, you have to transfer the files to your computer.

Success Jens