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How do you create a transcription response option for PsychoPy version 1.85.4

I am a very new user of PsychoPy. What I am trying to do is create an experiment where a participant would listen to a recording and transcribe what they are hearing. I know you can create a keyboard response where you can link certain keys to correct responses but what if I just want the participant to type what they are hearing? Is there a way the participant would be able to see what they are typing during the experiment? Would the excel sheet with the results of each participant show what they typed for each trial?

Second question, if you have two different blocks of many trials (one contains background noise and one does not) in your experiment and you want each participant to receive a different order of which test they are completing first, how do you set that up?


  1. Try searching this forum for things like “text input”, e.g. How to compare inputText to CorAns
  2. Just ask one question per thread, it makes it easier for future googlers to learn from what you learn.


Is there a way to create a text box transcription response using the Builder option instead of the Coder option? I do not know too much about coding.

This capability isn’t (currently) built-in to Builder, so yes, you will need to get to know some minimal of Python to get it going.

You need to use code, but that part can be done within the Builder environment, as those posts indicate.

Would you mind explaining the process of this? Or would you mind explaining a very basic version of what’s going on with the code in the “
How to compare inputText to CorAns”

Thank you for your quick replies!