How do you contact Pavlovia support?

I’ve been up and down the home page and website for a number or email to contact support because I’m unable to access my account.

Somehow I seem to have forgotten my password for this site. I selected “forgot password” for the correspondent email to change passwords, yet never received the email. So now I can no longer even attempt to log in because the system thinks I’ve reset my password, but I can’t actually reset my password because the email is nowhere to be found, even in the junk folder.

This forum was the best I could find to voice my issue, since I wasn’t able to find any way to contact Pavlovia besides an email for their sales department, which seemed less useful than this option.

Does anyone know what I should do? I’d really like to not have to make a new account.

Have you checked your spam folder for the password reminder email?

An email to will reach the science team. Please include your Pavlovia username.

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Ive checked spam. Thanks for the email address!