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How Do I Add External Packages To Standalone Psychopy?

I tried to follow the instructions on the website, including adding a path to system preferences, and placing a .pth file in the package folder. None of them is working. Can someone tell me how to import external modules in the Coder IDE?

I’ve definitely made both of those methods work, Maybe your .pth file is the wrong format or doesn’t point to the folder correctly. Maybe the thing your pointing to isn’t a valid package, or not compatible with this version of Python or has the wrong architecture. If you use the PsychoPy preferences option then you have to remember to import psychopy before importing the object (because the psychopy pref only gets read when you import psychopy).

Was there an error message when you tried to do the import?

The preference method is working for me right now, but the .pth file method is not. Is the name of the .pth file completely arbitrary as long as the extension is .pth? Do I put the document in python2.7 or python2.7/site-packages?

I placed the .pth file in site-packages and it worked, however the import only works for the shell. When I run it in a script, it still shows no module found