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Unable To Import External Packages

I’m trying to import pymongo to the psychopy coder to access mongodb, however I don’t know how to install other packages to the psychopy coder environment. I also wrote a python package myself that deals with data collection and interfacing with mongodb, but I’m having trouble importing my own package as well. I tried entering the filepath of my package in the ‘paths’ option in preferences, but it didn’t work, even after I import psychopy, I’m unable to import my own package.

It might be easiest to use psychopy as a library and use your own editor, especially if you have your own package? Then you could just pip install new packages.

Running psychopy in the terminal is creating a lot of weird problems. When I run a script generated by the builder in the terminal, it says “No module named future”, which is generated in psychopy/data/, I don’t know why that’s happening. Also I would still prefer doing things with the Coder