How can I organize my experiment data in an Excel sheet

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I need to create a lexical decision experiment for a paper at university. This is how I stumbled upon PsychoPy. I already managed to create my experiment, but my data sheets are a total mess. They look something like this
610103_testtrial_2_2023-05-01_14h14.51.268.csv (1.3 KB)

Can someone tell me how to organize this Excel sheet? In a way that I can easily access the reaction times for each of the words of the lexical decision task?

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A little hard to tell without the psyexp file to see how the experiment is put together, but it’s basically going to be the “KeyLeftRight.rt” column.

The columns that PsychoPy saves are for each component in the experiment, and some components only appear on some trials and others only appear on other trials (so all the “WelcomeText” columns only matter for your first instructions trial and are blank for every other trial). So, the easiest clean-up is just to copy the rows that correspond to the relevant trial types (e.g., the middle four in your sample spreadsheet).

However there are a couple columns missing that I would expect to see, which makes me think that you might also need to change some settings. If you open up the keyboard component and go to the ‘data’ tab, make sure ‘save onset/offset times’ is checked so you know when in the trial the keyboard response started. By default, the RT is going to measure from the onset of the keyboard component, which tells you how long into the response window they responded, but not when in the actual trial that occurred.