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Data storing from multiple loops

The issue that I would love to get some attention is about storing data generated from a study with multiple loops.
I have multiple loops in my experiment and the data is saved (split into) on multiple sheets due to multiple loops that I have created.
I was wondering if there is anyway that I make the programme to store all responses in one sheet.
Secondly, is there anyway that we command Psychopy to store data output into one master file (excel)?
I have seen a similar discussion on google, but it was hard to follow.
Would be appreciated if anyone could guide me on this issue.

Lastly, just a comment, It would be nice if data output is saved automatically on one file as most of experiments would include multiple participants (this means multiple data files to be copied and pasted).


We discourage people using the Excel format for data files, for this and other reasons. Click the experiment settings button in the toolbar, de-select Save Excel and make sure that Save csv file (trial by trial) is selected.

This will save all data in one ‘master’ sheet of a plain-text format file, which can still be opened in Excel.

Thanks a lot, Michael.