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Organizing conditioning files

Hi, I am fairly new to Psychopy, and my experiment seems a little complicated to implement, so I am not sure what is the best way to organize my trials. My experiment consists of multiple words, and each word has 10 to 15 features associated with it. Each trial will be questions about one word, and I have drag and drop questions regarding to the 10 to 15 features associated with the word. I have custom code for the drag and drop, but I am not sure how to reference back to the condition file or read any other file without using an imported library that is not allowed by Psychojs. My current condition file looks like this

Each trial by default runs each row, but I only want it to run base on how many words there are. I am not too sure how to do both of the issued I mentioned. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

Hi Jane,

So you want to link each word to 10-15 features? I would recommend making a column word and a column feature - in the word column, write each word 10-15 times, in the feature column, write the features associated with each word in the same row as the word in the word column. Something like this:

Each trial, PsychoPy will choose a different row of the table and you can access the cells of that row using a $ followed by their column names, e.g. if the first row is chosen for this trial and you set something to $word, it will take the value of the word column at the first row.

If you wanted to randomise the order of features within each word or the order of word blocks that would also be doable