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Hi, does anyone here is interested in learning together how to create experiments?

I know this post might seem weird, but my best personal method to study anything, is by conversation with someone else who needs to study the same subject.
So, if you are interested in reading and practicing the references together online, we can meet a few people on-line and learn together.

All the best

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Hi Ron,

Perhaps you should write a bit about yourself and, more importantly, a bit about the type of experiments you want to learn to create?

Best wishes,


Ph.D. candidate in vision science,
My hope is to learn how to conduct on-line experiments on visual sensitivity.
I can learn alone, but it is much more fun to learn with other. The debates, the helping out to each other and even the small talks, all make the experience more nice.


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I love study group. It makes me stay motivated when I learn with others.

But, PsychoPy doesn’t really have a book that we can use, unlike R. If we are going to do this, we might need a structure.

Btw, I’m a PhD candidate in Psychology. I do cognitive neuroscience experiments.

You could use our workshop materials as a tried and tested structure.

You have a choice of the 3 day workshop

or the 3 hour

or you could look at individual experiment tutorials

or finally you can also access teaching materials here:

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And to add @wakecarter, there’s also a new textbook coming soon!

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Is there a way for participants to contact each other?

We can just discuss here, or create a Slack channel for the study group.

@Ron should we just do a poll to see how many people are interested in the study group?

If you want to add a poll or a contact method, I’d be happy to pin the post for a short time to increase visibility.

Both of your suggestions are accepted as they seem to be the right thing to do.

Thank you very much :pray:


does anyone create the group or channel? I’m interested in joining. I’m looking to create an experimental design to measure the heart rate through the webcam(I have an implementation to measure the heart rate in webcam) when showing images(positive, negative, neutral). I don’t know how to add that implementation in psychopy, I’m researching to do that but did find it anywhere.