Survey testing experimental setup

Dear PsychoPy community,

Have you ever wondered what is the impact that the experimental setup might have on reported results in neuroscience and psychology? If yes, you are not alone!
We have created a survey to better understand and identify common practices used in the field to test experimental code and experimental hardware. This survey is addressed to anyone having undertaken the programming, implementation and testing of a neuroscientific or psychophysical experiment at some point in their careers. The responses to the survey are anonymized and the data will be presented as aggregates.

We aim to collect responses from a wide variety of researchers, hopefully at different career stages. Feel free to share the link with as many of your peers as possible.

The survey will take no more than 5 mins to be completed. By clicking on this link, you will proceed to the survey: Experimental procedures at your lab (~2 min)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

Alex & Rony

Alex Lepauvre, Max Planck institute for empirical aesthetics, Frankfurt, Germany
Rony Hirschhorn Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Dear Psychopy community,

We are still missing a couple of answers! You support would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


I gave up at the first question
“How many different experiments have you carried out (i.e., programmed, ran, analyzed, or a combination of those)?”

I’m not sure I can estimate to the nearest 100.

Hello @wakecarter,

Thanks a lot for your attempt. For the purpose of our survey, if you do not have an exact number, this is fine :slight_smile: If the number of experiment you have carried out is in the 100s, an approximation is totally fine.

Kind regards,