Mentoring for psychopy

I am completely new to experiments in psychology. I have worked as a clinicians for few years . Now as I have joined PhD had to perform some experiments and for that I am using psychopy. I have also very little experience of using technical things like this . I am working on making experiment on probability learning task where I have to manipulate the cues and set probability for reward for different trial and also for feedback. I am trying my best to get familiarise with this platform but if it is possible for any of you to mentor me in your free time I would appreciate that .

I would recommend you looking through the demo experiments that come with PsychoPy (you can access through the builder Demo tab). There are also helpful tutorials here. PsychoPy was the first cog task software I learned, and I picked it up in a couple months. It’s very intuitive.

We offer 3 day workshops for PsychoPy if you have any money in your budget:

But as @bwinston says, there’s plenty of great tutorials out there for free!