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Hello World text appears rather than Stimuli in Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

OS: Mac Mojave Version 10.14.6
PsychoPy version: v2020.2.3
Standalone: not sure about this one

Gitlab link:
My project is public so you can view it and my code using this link.

Description of the problem: I designed a stroop task in the builder. I have a practice trial and actual task. Everything was working fine offline. Then, I moved task to pavlovia to run it online and I had some errors. I fixed them and now, the experiment begins and practice trial runs perfectly. But then actual task begins, and rather than the color names that were assigned in excel file, “Hello World” text appears in all 120 trials. I have no idea where this came from as I didn’t write anything like that in my code. I looked up in other threads but couldn’t solve it. Could you please help me to solve this? Thank you so much!

I’m having a similar issue. I get hello word text even when I type some dummy text in and set the component to a constant.

Hello, I tried changing csv files to excel (stimilus files) because someone recommended it but it didn’t fix my problem. You can try, maybe it helps you. I just deleted everything and synched the code in builder to pavlovia again and the problem disappeared. Unfortunately, I don’t know how or why… Maybe, it was a glitch in the system.

Yes that’s what I ended up doing. Doesn’t really make sense.