Having problems with exit code 1

Hey, i am new to to this program and i am having problems with psychopy. We have multiple rutines and we have a problem geting them to run in order. After one multiple choice question, the program should show a slider, however, it just stops and ends the experiment early. We always get “exit code 1”, help please!!
This is our test and really urgent.
Strømprisen forklart test.psyexp (54.3 KB)

Hi @Trashy_Trashcan,

A couple of things might be useful to know before I mention the solution here, especially if you’re new to PsychoPy:

  1. exit code 1 isn’t the helpful line of the message in the stdout panel. It just means that the experiment has ended with some sort of error. If all had gone well, you would have seen exit code 0.

    If you check above that, you’ll see something far more helpful. In your experiment, this was:

    if obj.contains(mouse_2):
    AttributeError: 'Slider' object has no attribute 'contains''.

    Even if you’re unsure exactly what the error means, you can see that this at least tells us that the issue has to do with your mouse or slider.

  2. It’s these sorts of errors that are helpful when searching/posting on the forum, because other users have probably experienced your error in the past, or you can help future users to find the solution to that error in the future.

In terms of the solution, you just need to remove slider from the list of clickable stimuli in your mouse component. Sliders are clickable already so they don’t need to go in this list. There’s a helpful video from our YouTube channel here on how to set up sliders.

One other thing I noticed was that the path to your video seems to suggest that your video and experiment file are not stored in the same folder. I highly suggest that you store all of the resources your experiment needs in the same folder as your experiment, especially if you ever plan on running studies online.

Hope this helps!