Experiment ended with exit code -11 [pid:16695]

Hi everyone !

I am new here :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my experiment, I saw some resembling errors on this forum but nothing worked for me…

I explain, I have in the second part of my experiment a cross and then a gif and a picture (that change every time thanks to the loop and excel) with 8 different gif and 4 different pictures leading to 32 trials. I run the experiment and sometimes, the experiment simply crashes, and sometimes it is working. I tried 10 times again just before writing this message and it crashed 3 times…

I obtain this error on psychopy: Experiment ended with exit code -11 [pid:16695]
My mac specifies that Thread 11 Crashed while sometimes it is Thread 10 Crashed:: com.apple.audio.IOThread.client
The problem is not only that it crashes so I cannot continue the experiment with the participant, but also that I loose all the previous data…

I have an audio (just the sound from the psychopy library) that I use at this end of my baseline (to prevent the participant to open his eyes).

I have a good internet connection but the error always occurs.

I give some information that could maybe help you to figure out the problem and help me:
MacBook Air (13 pouces, début 2015)
Version 10.15.7
Psychopy v2022.2.0 (i also tried in different versions but this is my current version).

I dont know if you could need something else?

Thank you very much if you can help me !


I know that there have been some Mac fixes recently so please could you try the latest version, 2022.2.4 and see if that helps?

Hello, thank you for your reply. However, it is not the solution (I tried until 2022.2.3., I don’t have the .4).

Wondering if you ever found a solution to this. I am also encountering an exit code -11 error I can’t seem to resolve!

No it was impossible for me to find the solution… unfortunately I chose to cancel my psychopy experiment… I think the problem may be because of the Mac.

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Re-upping this – I just had the same problem. My experiment (presenting videos) was running fine, then I changed monitors (actually a projector via HDMI), changed some preference settings, and now it crashes after some number of trials.

Gives the same exit code -11 error–what does that mean?

(also, there is a lot of background python code running during the task, if that matters.)

Mac mini running intel chip, os12.2, latest version 2022.2.4 of psychopy.

Any help/ideas please!