Unknown error with exit code 3221225477

I am relatively new to PsychoPy and have built an experiment where the trial which runs properly (i.e., displays instructions, call the video file and plays video, display another numbered video file, initiate keyboard response). There are no issues opening the video file and completing the trial.

Now, I have added a loop function to display 4 different videos. When inserting the loop I have uploaded a csv. file with 2 parameters (first_video, video_num). All 4 videos (first_video) and corresponding numbered videos (video_num) have the correct file names, with the correct extension (mp4/avi) which I was missing last time I had an issue.

Each trial runs properly in a simple routine with no loop. However, with a loop, the second trial does not play the second stimuli ‘video_num’. The file does not load and the routine ends with exit code ‘3221225477’.

I have tried to search what this could mean but I still don’t know what my problem is. I have no other error messages to report.

Thanks in advance for any help.
( OS: Win10; PsychoPy version: 2023.2.3)

The exit code is ‘3221225477,’ which usually suggests a crash resulting from an access violation error on Windows. The possibility of file path, video file format, or PsychoPy’s handling of video files within loops seems to be a point. Verify that all video file paths are formatted correctly and try different video formats.
Hope this helps.

Could be a clash of routine, component and/or variable names.

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