Go/No-Go task + distractors

Hi! I’m trying to create a Go/No-Go task on PsychoPy v1.83.04.

I have three stimuli (green square, red circle and green circle - the last one is the target). I’ve managed to create the task (space button when target appears; none when the other stimuli appears), but I want other images to appear at the same time as the stimuli, as a distractor.
However, when I introduced the images, the task stopped… I mean, when the distractors appear, the Go/No-Go dissapears; when the distractors dissapear, the task appears.

How can I make both things to work (appear) at the same time? I don’t understand anythig about coding, only working with builder.

Any help would be appreciated!

To make two stimuli appear at the same time you put them in the same Routine with the same time settings. It’s hard for us to know what you’re doing wrong without more info though - you’d need to include screenshots of your current attempt

Hi Marta,

Did you manage to build the Go/No-Go task? If so, how did you do it please?



@Marta Kindly reply if you manage to build this task. I am curious about the inter-trial interval and the appearance of the distractor with the target on the same screen. Thanks