No response as correct answer and move on to next stimulus

OS: Win11
PsychoPy version: v2022.2.4

Hello Everyone,

I am a new user to psychopy and I’m using the builder to make an experiment where two stimuli show up on the screen either simultaneously or separately (separated by a certain interstimulus interval, which varies during the trial).

I would like to ask the participant to press the space bar when they think the two stimuli showed up at the same time, and don’t do anything if they think the two stimuli showed up at different times.

I’ve tried typing space and None in the corrAns column in the corresponding cells in my conditions file, and ‘space’,‘None’ in the allowed keys field in PsychoPy. That didn’t work. The problem is, when I run the experiment, it will register the ‘space’ answer, but when no answer is needed, it still waits for a response and doesn’t present the next pair of stimuli.

I’ve also tried leaving those cells blank in the conditions file, and I’ve also tried only typing ‘space’ in the allowed keys field. That didn’t work either, same problem.

I hope I’ve explained myself well, and hopefully somebody can help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @gabtamaa, if the routine continues when no response is given that probably means that you did not specify a duration for all components of the routine. So this would be the first step. How long should the routine take when no button is pressed?

Second, to mark none-answers as correct, you will need a little code snippet in the “End routine” tab of a code component in this routine. The usual “correct key” field in the keyboard component won’t work for this.

This could look like this:

End routine

if (key_resp.keys == "space" and corrAns == "space") or (key_resp.keys == None and corrAns == "None"):
    thisExp.addData("accuracy", 1)
    thisExp.addData("accuracy", 0)

hi @ajus!

thank you so much, this solved my problem! :slight_smile:

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