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Different responses for stimulus 1 &2

Hey there!
I’m trying to build an experiment with - responses for one stimulus, and no responses for another. But, for me, both the stimuli occur alternatively and are defined as conditions instead of start field. Is there any way I can accomplish this with a code? Because as far as I see, the auto code does not separately identify the two stimuli defined.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!

Do you mean like a Go No Go task?

What have you tried and how does it fail?

Yes, similar to a Go No Go task in a dual-task paradigm. As of now, I have not been able to figure out how to build it in such a way that only one of the two stimuli requires a response. Right now, both my stimuli require a keyboard response for the next item to appear.

I found this discussion relevant-

But, I do not want to impose a time limit on the response, and that is where I’m having trouble achieving this. As of now, the two stimuli for the Go-No- Go are defined as conditions to occur alternatively with the other picture stimuli.

Off only one of your stimuli requires a response, when is supposed to happen when the other stimulus appears. Without a time limit the experiment can’t continue