Go back in commit history with pavlovia/gitlab

I’m wondering if is possible to work with commits when running an experiment in pavlovia. I have tried to use git from command line however I’m not sure that I can push a local revert online without compromising the experiment.
There are some suggested ways to revert an experiment to a previous version?

@filippogambarota , if your plan is to have to slightly different tasks, then you could always create two projects on Pavlovia and link them by redirecting the participant to the second study URL. This can be done in the Builder interface, where the first task will be given the redirect URL of the second task.

Thank you!
My problem is more related to the task development part. Let’s say that I fix a bug but at the same time I change something else that unexpectedly broke my experiment. With git you can safely revert the commit and then push again (in fact going back in time). Is that approach possible in pavlovia? because I have done it but using the terminal and then pushing, without using the sync command from psychopy. However there are some conflicts with this approach

I think the easiest way to do this is to go to your project on https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/, go to Commits, select the commit you want to revert to, then in “options” dropdown menu, click “Revert”, submit the merge request, approve the merge, and then the project is successfully rolled back on Pavlovia (see also Gitlab docs). Finally, go to your project directory and perform a git pull and your newly reverted changes should be pulled down from Pavlovia.

thank you! very useful!