Getting accurate ratings in online experiment

I am making an experiment where we subjects need to give regular predictions ranging from 1-100. One way is for them to type this in but this takes a lot of time. Another way is for them to click on a picture of a scale, but I’d like for them to do it on a phone and it is difficult to place your finger somewhere where it is accurate.
Is there any way to get ratings from participants in a way where they can move a slider between 1 and 100 and click ‘OK’ when it is where they want it to be? Or any other ideas about how to get 1-100 ratings accurately and fast on a phone in Pavlovia?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

You can have a slider which doesn’t automatically submit, and then have a separate button to submit. One common question on the forum is how to check that the slider has been moved before the page can be submitted.

(in your case you’ll need a mouse submit, not a keyboard)

OK thank you. Does the slider work in 2020.2.10? I know there were some bugs with the slider in the 2021 version

Personally I use my own coded slider. You can see my interactive slider demo, but I modify it when I want a definite submit button.

Thanks so much, is there a link to your interactive slider demo, or info on how to code a slider? Also, is there a way to show participants the exact number they are selecting on the slider?

You can see my interactive slider (and other) demos here:

It does show the participant the number they are selecting.

There are two versions in the demo – one using the slider component and one coded from scratch.