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How can I give scores to participants based on their answers to sliders?

I want to give sliders and put labels and scores up to 5 (like a 5-point Likert Scale) and sum the scores of the participants at the end based on their answers. However, I could not find the code to ensure this.

Off the top of my head, I think slider.getRaring() retrieves the value so you can have score = 0 in Begin Experiment and score += slider.getRating() in End Routine.

this is good logic to sum the scores but I cannot even score them now

What code were you using before. Is your slider called slider? If not, did you edit my code accordingly? What error message did you get?

No the code you gave did not cause any problem, I will use it at the end to sum the scores but I just couldn’t figure out how can I even have psychopy score the participants