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Frozen Video Stimuli and Black Screen

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

When I start my experiment I run into this screen:

Which is fine, but then I run into this:

Which means a participant would have to click the “X” to access the experiment:

But then the videos in my experiment freeze and do not play (these videos play automatically, this is a discrimination task):

So my problems are:

  1. The black screen that forces participants to click “X” to access the experiment, and
  2. The videos that are frozen and will not play.

Please make your experiment public, we can’t currently see it (Code -> Settings -> General -> Permissions).

What type of movie files are you using? .mp4 files seem to work best.

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the heads up. The experiment is now public. The movie files are all .mp4.

I made a copy and it actually worked fine for me. It might be a browser cache issue. Try clearing your browser cache and piloting it again.