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Freezeing the last frame of the movie

Hey guys!

I am trying to present a movie and freeze its last frame, and then present the rating scale. When a person answers,the movie and the rating scale should dissappear and the new stimuli should appear. I tried set a movie frame to be near the end with but that doesn’t work at all.

Is there any way to hold the last frame with the rating scale on screen?

I was using MovieStim3

Thanks in advance,

Hi, if seeking doesn’t work, you could simply extract the last frame of the movie manually and save it as an image, e.g. using a tool such as Avidemux. Once the movie playback hast finished, present the image and the rating scale simultaneously.

If you’re erupting code you can use pause() at any point. In your cafe you’d need to cookbooks those with detecting the last frame

Thanks guys!

What does erupting code mean? The problem is that I don’t know what’s the syntax to be used with pause(). How can I, e.g. pause the film at 30 seconds? And what does it mean to cookbook?

And is there a way to get the number of frames in a movie?

The last one:
What is the best code for playing a movie?

# play 100 frames normally
for frameN in range(100):

or something else? I am really confused because the documentation is virtually non-existing or very scarce!

Sorry that post of mine appears to have been trashed by my “smart” phone. I meant to say if you’re “using” code (as opposed to using builder) then you could pause on the final frame.

I don’t know off the top of my head how to detect that. In python you can interrogate objects manually using print(dir(myobject)). That will tell you what properties exist and maybe something there can tell you (e.g. the duration and the current point in the movie)