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Form Component not shown on Screen

Dear all,

I have a weird problem with our experiment. I programmed a lot of different tasks to be shared with 10 other labs. Everything worked fine, but the two mini tasks with the FORM component make troubles in one lab. The form is not presented at all. I honestly do not even know where to start, as no error messages are shown. And I cannot replicate the problem on my computers…

Any idea? I would be greatful if you could help me out or point me in the right direction!

Thank you so much

All labs run the same Psychopy Version (v2020.1.3) on Win7.

Here I attach the builder files:
Crystallized.csv (2.8 KB)
Crystallized.psyexp (14.0 KB)

and here the comparison of the screens

and the missing error messages

Is everyone running the experiment locally, or is the right hand screen online?

Forms are quite new so have developed a lot since 2020.1.3 but still have a way to go, especially for online.


thanks for the quick response!

Everything is run locally, not online.

I am a bit scared to upgrade everything since I have programmed 12 other tasks and I am scarred that the others will not work well then.

If it runs as desired in most of the labs then I’d try to focus on what is different with that lab. Are they using a different version of PsychoPy, or Python or of Windows?


so the only difference that we found is that they are using Windows 7 Enterprise…