Force radiogroup two columns

Description of the problem: I have an experiment in Pavlovia with six radiogroup options for participants to pick one, in a two-column layout (3 on the left, 3 on the right). When I open the experiment with a smartphone in portrait mode, instead of landscape, a tablet or computer, the options are mixed into a single column, which would likely jeopardize the misdirection of the experiment. Is there a way for me to force landscape in order to keep the desired layout in 2 columns? Changing the CSS values for min and max width does nothing, the single column just gets more blank space to the right.

I could possibly settle for the single-choice matrix layout, but then participants could pick an option per row, and I want them to pick one per question, like in radiogroups. Is there any fix for this?

Thanks a lot!

According to SurveyJS support, you can allow users to select a single option at a time in a Single-choice matrix by handling the survey.onValueChanging function and resetting the question value. Here’s their code example: It wouldn’t be possible to do this in Pavlovia, right?