Problems with Single-Matrix-Select question

I want to implement the Plymouth Sensory Imagery Questionnaire, for which I need to implement matrix questions like this

URL of experiment: Pavlovia Survey 2024.1.0

Description of the problem: The first problem is that 10 columns don’t fit on my screen, which is already relatively large. See

The question is definitely not viable if people have to scroll because this will heavily influence participants responses. Is there a way to get the whole matrix on the screen? The problem is that there is far too much unnecessary space between the columns. When I play around with the width under layout, I am not able to fix this.

The second problem is that it only requires one row to be filled out when I set this question to required but I want each row to be required. I would strongly expect that each a value in each row needs to be selected for this question type and I am wondering whether I miss something here.

Could you use the rating scale question instead?

You can add a rating scale into a Multi-select matrix

This does indeed fix the width and the requirement issue.