Forbidden Screen, Resources won't load, URL disappears

URL of experiment:
(URL does not appear in location it usually is …)

Description of the problem:

Hello everyone, I’m having trouble in getting my second experiment to work. I feel that I must be missing a step, but I have been reading these manuals and believe I have gotten everything. Maybe someone will catch it? At the moment I am stuck.

Here are my steps (in detail):
The experiment works completely fine on builder mode. I used the builder mode and pressed the “Run the experiment online” button. I set the directory to the folder which contains html and resources subfolders. I open where I upload the 3 items from the html folder (downloaded directly from export html on the builder mode). I then create a repository linking the project to the directory folder with everything inside. I try to sync directly from my builder but this never works.

Details on problems:
I got this to work one time in a separate project, however this time when I run the experiment it reads forbidden. When I turn off my other project, it allows me to run this new experiment on pilot mode but claims that it cannot locate any of the files and the experiment does not continue. I cannot seem to get the resources to load. When I try to retrieve the URL in the location it usually is in these sorts of experiments it is blank.

I have checked the histories of both projects to compare my steps and still cannot catch anything. Apologies if I am missing something very basic here.