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Finalising the online task

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Description of the problem:
I am pretty much happy with the task I have created online and I am just piloting it at the moment. However, I have a few questions for which I cannot seem to find answers in any of the resources.

  1. How can I directly link the task to an OSF account? Can it be linked to more than one project? Should I just post the link to the repository?
  2. How can I create a DOI for the task, I assume that Zenodo will not work in this instance.
  3. Once I finish piloting, how do I change the status of the task to “running”? Or does this not make a difference?
  4. One technical question as well. It seems that in the first practice block, the stimuli timings are off sync. It’s pretty obvious once you start running the task. I tried this on a few computers and it always happens. Then in all the subsequent blocks it seems to be fixed. The settings in the builder are the same for each block so I am quite confused about this.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Getting a DOI

We haven’t added support for linking directly to/from OSF projects yet. I’ll contact COS to discuss it with them. Similarly there isn’t zenodo integration yet. In both cases we need to work out how it should work: git repositories (which is what pavlovia is based on) are more like living documents, changeable with a tracked history, whereas DOIs are more tied to a fixed snapshot from a point in time. So we need to work out how you can state that a particular point in time becomes fixed as your DOI base.

I think ultimately it will be a matter of Pavlovia copying a snapshot over to OSF/Zenodo to get the DOI and, for now you’d simply have to upload the files to those services manually.

Switching from piloting to “running”

Right now this isn’t needed, but it’s coming. At the moment, all we have are “active” and “inactive” experiments (that can be run or not) but, yes, in the near future we will have additional options, including piloting so that you can test the experiment online without consuming participant credits (but limited data saving)

Timing issues

Not sure about this one. Could you send a link for us to investigate?

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Sorry, yes, you did send a link. I’ll see if I can work out what’s going on then (and/or maybe @dvbridges will be able to help as he’s done more on the JS side than me)

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Thanks a lot! This is very helpful!

HI @MartaT, I think the issue with your timing is the type of onset you are using for your fixation. In the first round of practice trials, your prax_fix2 fixation is set to an onset type of condition, but that should be set as time (s), according to the routines in the main trials.

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Hi @dvbridges thanks for this! You are right, indeed I must have changed that and I didn’t see it later on. When playing the task, it also looks like only the second fixation cross is the problem which makes me think that this definitely is why the timing was off.
However, I changed this now and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I had problems with syncing the experiment from the builder as it was trying to connect to an old repository on Pavlovia. I probably messed something up last time I was working on it. Due to my lack of patience I decided to re-create the experiment. So I pushed everything into the repository afresh and this was already after changing the onset type to time (S). But the issue persists. The onset type is deffinitely changed in the builder, I downloaded the builder file from the repository just to double check what it looks like and it looks fine. Maybe it’s the HTML file that is not updating? I exported it manually and then I synced again. I did that a couple of times. I also logged off and on in Pavlovia. Nothing changed.

I just went to double check if the experiment syncs fine now. I closed PsychoPy and opened it again and it comes up with the same issue as before when it was trying to sync the task to an old repository.
It’s quite silly. Initially, I deleted the original repository and created a new experiment because there was a spelling error in the name of the original repository. I didn’t want to change the name in the settings because it is all highlighted in red to emphasise a risk of making a mess. So I figured it would be best to start a new repository instead. I made a mess anyway.
What do you think would be the best thing to do now?

@MartaT, did this get resolved in the end?

Unfortunately not. The experiment keeps on trying to sync with the old repository (the one that was deleted because it had a spelling error). It does not want to sync with the new repository and keeps asking me to create a new experiment on Pavlovia every time I am trying to sync it.

Ok, just checking that you deleted your local .git folder as well? If not, and you cannot see the local git folder, you will first need to make sure that hidden folders are visible in your Windows folder settings. Then delete the local git folder and html (just to make sure), delete your online repo, close and reopen psychopy, and create a new project online.

Yes! It worked!! Thank you!

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