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Change a running study to politing and re-sync

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question–If I have an online experiment in running mode, after I make some modifications locally, could I still re-synchronize the changes? It asked me to create a new project when I tried to do so. I also tried to change the online experiment back to piloting and re-synchronize, again I needed to re-create a new project.

Thanks very much!

I think this shouldn’t depend on whether your project has running or piloting mode. However, it does seem your local copy got a bit confused as to which online project it belongs to.

This might help: remove your local directory, then create it again, and sync from your online repo. I think that after this, if you sync local changes to Pavlovia, it will work again.

Thanks Thomas! This works! I also tried deleting the original online experiment, and then create a new project with the same old name, that also works for now.

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