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Filling blanks and presenting correct answer after specific time

I’m brand new to PsychoPy and while I have looked at some tutorials I can’t relate to them to what I need.

I am presenting word lists to participants. What I need is to show the first letter of the word with underscores to indicate how many letters need to be filled in e.g. (Orange would be shown as O_ _ _ _ _). I would like to have it so that the participants keystrokes fill in those blanks, with them being able to backspace to remove any mistakes. After a specfic time I would like the correct answer to show for another specific time and then move onto the next word.

I would also like it so that when in data, rather than showing the keystrokes, it simply indicates 1 for correct and 0 for incorrect with a total for how many correct answers they have given.

I’m running version 1.84.2 as this is what my uni is using.