Data from Correct Response won't show in Excel

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I am having trouble with Psychopy marking whether or not a participant got the answer correct. In the Excel column (AG), all of the responses are 0 and do not show if the participant answered correctly. I have a practice loop and a trial loop. The system marks the practice correct (X) but not the trial. I have attached all my files and a screenshot of the problem in Excel.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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LearningWord_1.xlsx (9.7 KB) Practice.psyexp (30.4 KB) (29.1 KB) Practice_Words.xlsx (8.7 KB) smile

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Here are the two feedback images, I am not sure if they posted in the OP



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If this is with the new 2021 version, then can confirm have seen the same/similar issue with it: internal correct response variable always = 0.

This particular case isn’t a version thing, it’s that you have the Keyboard component set to “store all keys” - meaning that the value of key_resp.keys is a list of strings rather than a string, so when it does the comparison it’s saying "is ['l'] equal to l", to which the answer is no because ['l'] is a list. To fix it you just need to set the Keyboard component to store “last key” and then delete the code component (as it duplicates what the Keyboard already does natively)

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I am using version 2020.2.10, my apologies for not putting in OP

Your solution worked a treat, thank you very much!