Scoring of the percentage of correct typing response

Hello everyone,
I’m working on Psychpy3 (2020.1.3) with two friends
In our experiment, participants have to memorize words pairs. In e second routine, the first word of the pair appear and participants have to give the second word. We would like that, so that the participants can move on to the next step, they give at least 75% correct answers.
the experiment is designed like this :

It doesn’t work. Somebody, please, can tell me where i make a mistake ?
Thank you very much

In what way does it not work? Does it give the wrong output or does it throw up an error message?

Thank for your answer,
Yes, it works now. I just make an error in the response excel column.
Now, i’l trying to make sure that the letters erased don’t count in the quotation. Participants can delete letters but psychopy still takes these into account when scoring the answers.
Can you help me please ? Here is the delete coding

Ah, are you trying to make a text component which participants can type into? In the latest version we added an editable Textbox component which may suit your needs better! If you update your version to 2020.2.4 then you should be able to see it in the Components panel

Thank you for the response. I’m going to try this.
Thank you again