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Files no longer open (.psydat)

I recently updated to macOS Catalina (Version 10.15.5) and have found that PsychoPy (2020.1.3) no longer opens the .psydat files. When I double click the file, I receive the Finder message: " There is no application set to open the document “_GIL_Experiment_Part1_C1_Updated_Version_2020_Jun_10_0736.psydat”.". When I go to choose an application to open it, PsychoPy is greyed out, and when I select it and then click “open”, PsychoPy starts up and then goes to its blank default file instead.

What would you suggest?

Do you mean psydat? I’m not even sure what they’re for. The experiment files are psyexp and the csv files are the easiest data files to open.

I see. For some reason, the .psyexp files were more hidden than usual and now I’ve found them and they open. Thanks.

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