Output file from Pavlovia file not working properly

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I have encountered a problem when downloading the output file from a pilot survey in Pavlovia. When I open the output file in Excel, the file is not arranged correctly and is missing data. An error message pops up in Excel saying “POSSIBLE DATA LOSS some features might be lost if you save this workbook in the text (.txt) file format. To preserve these features, save it in an Excel file format.”

My University IT department suggested that this was because it is downloading as a JSON file format and to contact Pavlovia for further support in relation to downloading it as a true .csv or crosstabs file.

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For your output file to be a CSV when piloting, switch your data saving method to CSV from Database.

How do I do that?
Sorry, I’m not great with computers as you can tell.
I really appreciate your help!

This option isn’t available to me for some reason? I’ve attached a screenshot.

Sorry, I didn’t notice you were asking about a survey. What are you pressing to download your data? There is a download button which downloads the survey itself as a json. Maybe you are pressing that

I am not pressing anything to download the data - it just automatically downloads as a JSON file when I press complete on the pilot survey.

It won’t let me attach a screen recording here as it says the file is too big but I can email one to you if that helps?

Ah. I think it’s because you’re piloting. Surveys are automatically database. If you switch to running then you can see the data in the data tab or download the CSV. If you open the JSON in a text editor then it should have the data for a single pilot. I’ll raise an issue about this.

I tried that and it does download as a CSV. file (thank you!) but the responses still seem to be coming out wrong and some of the data is missing? I’ve attached a screenshot.

Sorry about this, I really appreciate your help.

Have you tried text to columns in Excel to split by commas? Which data is missing?

Thanks so much for your help with this, that’s all sorted now! I have one other question if that’s ok: when I ran the survey and accessed it on a phone an error message came up and wouldn’t let me take the survey: