FILE_LOAD_ERROR when uploading to pavlovia

Hi guys,

I am new to pavlovia and pretty lost right now!

I have prepared a dichotic listening paradigm (a task where an audio stimuli is presented an the participant has to choose which of the six possible syllables he / she heard.). For this, I used the builder in PsychoPy3 and I am working on a Windows 10 computer. It all worked fine when I tried to launch the project offline.

However, when trying to run the experiment online, I encountered the following error: FILE_LOAD_ERROR when trying to upload a screenshot picture I included in order to present the answer options. The png is only 6 KB, hence I don’t think this is due to the size of the stimuli.

I would really appreciate some help here! Please let me know if you need further information from my side! Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

Hi There,

One reason for this error could be to do with the file extensions (for example I get this error if my image has the extension .PNG but not .png - please can you check the format of your files?)

There is additional info on audio file formats here Media formats suitable for online studies — PsychoPy v2021.1

Hope this is helpful,

Hi Becca,
you’ve found the problem, thanks so much!!!

Unfortunately now I have another problem. I am able to download all materials and start with the first routines. However, as soon as a loop is supposed to start, there is a small error message shortly popping up (I am unable to read it because it disappears immediately) and then the page is stuck on the routine slide before the loop. I have no error message here but do you have, by any chance, another idead why this could occur?

Thanks so much for your help!!


Hi Katrin,

Fab - pleased that worked.
Can you try to open developer tools to see if there is an error message there? if unsure how to open dev tools there is info on how to do that here PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet