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File Load Error Pavolvia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am getting a file load error for the image titled aliens1.PNG in my experiment. I have read multiple discussions regarding the same problem, and tried changing the name to .PNG instead of .png, tried clearing the cache, and tried piloting the experiment in an incognito tab. Does anyone have any other recommendations on how to fix this error?

Hi There,

I have found this is a specific problem for files with a capitalised PNG extension. I use the attached script to convert the images and then use the newly created images instead. (Make a folder called newIms where the new images will be saved to. ) (570 Bytes)

Hope this helps,

Hi Becca, this worked! Thank you!

Should I be adding something to the crib sheet about avoiding .PNG for PsychoPy 2021 ?

For now let’s say yes whilst we suss out the most appropriate permanent fix!

Hi, we had the same problem with a png file today. Extension not capitalised, not a particularly big file, hard to recreate because it never happened on our computers. By process of elimination it seems to only occur when people are using the browser Safari. Is this likely? For now we will inform participants not to use Safari, and for future experiments stick with jpegs.