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"File doesn't belong to an exsiting project" when PsychoPy is reopened

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: Apologies for the long post. Sync issues are covered in other topics, but I don’t think this specific issue has been asked before, and it’s slightly complicated. These are steps that produce my issue:

  1. I create an experiment
  2. In PsychoPy I select the menu - new…
  3. I create a project on Pavlovia. It syncs fine.
  4. I make some edits, select Sync with web project, it syncs fine.
  5. If I then close PsychoPy, then open it again and reopen the experiment, select Sync with web project it gives the message “File doesn’t belong to an existing project”. In the Runner window it says:

'800.5297 WARNING We found a repository at C:/Users/[directory]/200629_Experiment but it doesn’t point to You could create that as a remote to sync from PsychoPy.

Things I’ve tried to resolve this:

  1. View details of this project, Browse…, select root folder. Project still shows as “This file doesn’t belong to a project yet”

  2. Find existing projects online (at, select my project, Sync. This looks like it syncs…


… but if I look at the commits in Gitlab.Pavlovia, they have not updated.

  1. So as a workaround, if I need to commit changes I have to go on to Gitlab.Pavlovia and delete the project and recreate it each time I have a new PsychoPy session.

However, when I look at the commit history to the newly created project, it shows commits from previous projects – which I assume is not correct behaviour? So this might mean I’ve corrupted my gitlab respository somehow maybe?

Resolved using steps described here i.e. deleting hidden .git folder when removing projects from Gitlab.