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Experiment not recognized as existing project upon reopening

I have created an online experiment that randomly presents auditory stimuli and records the participants responses. The experiment work online as expected. However, whenever I reopen the experiment in builder, make changes, and attempt to synchronize with pavlovia (commit and push new changes), a dialog box pops up stating that the file does not belong to any existing project (though it has been used and synchronized many times). If I click on the “create a new project” button and use the exact same name as the current repo then everything works fine and I can push changes. I can then make more changes and use the synchronize icon from builder (the earth icon the white arrows). If, however, I close psychopy and reopen the experiment file I have to go through the process again. I can post this as an issue to github if that would be more helpful.

Hi @jvcasillas, I believe I have already put in a pull request for this.

Looks like it did not make it into the latest release, so probably needs to be handled better. If you put in an issue on GitHub, and reference this pull request, that will help users know where the issue may be.

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