Feedback not showing up

I created a feedback loop for the experiment practice trials. I had a code in the code component that worked on PsychoPy itself but did not work with Pavlovia, so I followed the steps outlined in another post to address the issue. However, it still did not work - still shows up in PsychoPy but not Pavlovia.

Resp key properties:

Code properties:

Feedback text properties:

If it helps: I’m using PsychoPy v2021.2.3 on macOS Big Sur (11.6.2), standard standalone.

Is the code component above the text component?

In what way doesn’t it work?

Yes, the code component is above the text component. After a keyboard response to the video stimulus, the entire screen remains black instead of showing the feedback (correct/wrong, RT), then skips ahead to the next video stimulus.

If the screen is staying black then that sounds like the video is failing to close. The feedback is probably hidden by the black screen.

Is the video in the previous routine as a component? Do you have any video related code?

The feedback works in PsychoPy but not Pavlovia. PsychoPy shows that the video stimulus stops playing and the feedback appears moments later. Pavlovia shows that the video stimulus stops playing and the background screen stays black. (The background color is set at black.) There isn’t a video related code, other than the Builder component.

Is the video 3.3 seconds long?

Try removing the duration and ticking “force end of routine”

Also, you could try adding a fixed text component in the feedback routine to see if it shows up. If so, then the issue must be related to the feedback text and not the movie.

Ticking the ‘force end of routine’ and removing the duration makes the video skip ahead to the next stimulus presentation. This wouldn’t work with the experiment because we want to collect participant responses and RTs for each video.

I have a subheading on the top, PRACTICE (to indicate to participants that it is a practice round). I also have instructions, PRESS F / J, on the bottom. Those disappear at the end of each routine when the feedback is supposed to show up.

Would it be helpful if I sent you a screen recording of what it looks like in each platform, PsychoPy and Pavlovia?

If it’s near the beginning of the experiment then you could add a few credits and post the running link so I can see it for myself.

What I’m thinking here is that you get a black screen that could be a malfunctioning feedback text component, or it could be a bigger issue. Could you try adding a subheading called FEEDBACK to check?

Also, you could add print('msg',msg) to Begin Routine to check the value in the console just before it appears.

I went ahead and added FEEDBACK text component on the same routine that the feedback is supposed to show up. The FEEDBACK text I added does indeed show up. Looks like it’s the code component that isn’t working on Pavlovia. Because it works when I run it on PsychoPy but not Pavlovia, could it be a java related issue?

I also added print('msg',msg) to begin routine, didn’t see anything. I’m unsure what I should look for with this suggestion.

Really appreciate your help so far!

You could check the Browser console to see if msg is being correctly assigned.

What colour and font is your feedback text? I’m wondering whether it isn’t being recognised and is defaulting back to black text.

You could add a large grey polygon rectangle to the top of the routine which should appear behind the feedback text if the issue is that it’s black on black.

The issue has been resolved, you pointed out color and another lab member pointed out Opacity as the possible issue. Turns out the Opacity in the feedback text component was set at 0 instead of 1.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!