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Components not showing on Pavlovia and feedback conditions


I have encountered problems with getting the feedback, get survey component to show and having two text component to show on the same screen for Online experiment while it works perfectly on desktop Psychopy.

The feedback is embedded in a loop of first a display of image, a slider rating and then feedback screen of text display. However, after the slider screen it hops directly to the next image.

The survey is an individual routine right before the end of the experiment and it simply didn’t show.

I have added two text components in one the screens but only one of them was displayed on Pavlovia, and the format of them were also changed.

Is there anything I could do to fix that?

Moreover, how can I condition the feedback on the specific image displayed before and how should I tune the survey component so that it does not mess up the display ratio of the rest of experiment.

Experiment.psyexp (37.9 KB) (56.1 KB)