Failing to upload with error "--untracked-files stderr: fatal: bad object HEAD"

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
When I try to run the study online from the builder I get this error messege:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\builder\", line 1242, in onPavloviaRun closeFrameWhenDone=False) File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\pavlovia_ui\", line 508, in syncProject infoStream=syncFrame) File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\pavlovia_ui\", line 96, in showCommitDialog changeDict, changeList = project.getChanges() File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\psychopy\projects\", line 897, in getChanges changeDict['untracked'] = self.repo.untracked_files File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\git\repo\", line 662, in untracked_files return self._get_untracked_files() File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\git\repo\", line 688, in _get_untracked_files finalize_process(proc) File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\git\", line 333, in finalize_process proc.wait(**kwargs) File "C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\lib\site-packages\git\", line 415, in wait raise GitCommandError(self.args, status, errstr) git.exc.GitCommandError: Cmd('C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\MinGit\cmd\git.exe') failed due to: exit code(128) cmdline: C:\Users\aexge3\AppData\Local\PsychoPy3\MinGit\cmd\git.exe status --porcelain --untracked-files stderr: 'fatal: bad object HEAD '
when I checked my account at pavlovia I can see the link for the experiment is initiated but no files are there (empty)

Hi there, are you able to run the experiment from pavlovia itself? i.e. from clicking ‘run’ or ‘pilot’ in the experiment page from dashboard?


I wasn’t able to run it from pavlovia but I had figured out the problem was related to old files (git, data, html). I removed them from the folder and was able to run it online.

Thank you

Happy to help and pleased you found a solution :slight_smile: