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Eye-tracker SMI red-m

We are planning to use simultaneous eye-tracking and EEG. As for the eye tracker, we have SMI red-m, but it is not mentioned among the list of the supported eye-trackers by ioHub
Do you think it is possible to synch the eye-tracker with psychopy?
Thank you for any suggestions.


ioHub can work with SMI trackers, and the different models do use a similar interface. In fact, an SMI tracker (iView X HiSpeed) was the system used as the example in the eye tracking chapter of our textbook:

So I would guess that it might work with the RED-m as well, but you will really need to try it and see. You will need to have SMI’s SDK installed, so that ioHub can talk to the eye tracker. That SDK has its own limitations (like only running under Windows 7, if I recall).

Alternatively, SMI didn’t really like to promote this, but its trackers could also be controlled by sending it simple UDP messages over your local network, avoiding the need for its SDK. That certainly worked with the iView systems, but I don’t know if it was available for its RED models. Search in the SMI user manual for terms like ET_CAL, ET_REC, ET_STP, etc, to see if those remote commands are available for your system.